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The Takacat LX Series Boat Lineup

Takacat LX Series

Takacat LX Series boats are durable, stable, and designed with smart features that make them a perfect choice for marine professionals and recreational water enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re looking for a foldable sports boat for fishing or exploring, or need a quality portable tender for your yacht or RV, the Takacat team of lightweight dinghies are a tough, stable, and fun option on any water. The full Takacat lineup features stability, versatility, and lightweight performance for a wide range of uses. The innovative and fully removable Tube Transom® system allows Takacat inflatable tenders to be rolled up into two carry bags for easy transportation and storage.

Takacat Package

Portable, Go-Anywhere Adventure

The one-of-a-kind Tube Transom® feature makes the Takacat LX Series boats super portable and lightweight. The Tube Transom® is fully removable, so the boat packs down smaller, and about 15 lbs lighter, than other traditional inflatable boats. All Takacat boats can be packed into two carry bags that can easily be stashed in a closet or trunk, or checked as baggage on a flight. Even better, the bags are vented, so even if the boat is packed away wet, the boat stays funk-free!

Takacat Ultimate Fun

Designed for Fast, Stable Performance & Ultimate Fun

The innovative design of the Takacat provides a number of performance advantages on the water. Planing is quick and level due to the light weight and low resistance of the ultra-stable catamaran-style boat. The boat’s low draft easily maneuvers through shallow water so you can get further up on a ramp or beach before grounding.

Takacat Bold Colors

Brighten Up with Bold Colors

Personalize your Takacat with seven bold in-stock colors, including two camo options, or make it even more unique with Kiki’s palette of special order colors. Rep your team, be more visible (or less), or just show some style and stand out.

Takacat Tube Transom®

Open Bow and Tube Transom® Keeps The Deck Dry

The unique design of the Takacat never holds water on the deck of the boat. The open bow in front and Tube Transom® in back allow the boat to quickly and constantly drain so the deck stays dry. No soggy gear or passengers!

Innovative Features of the Takacat LX

Smart and functional design comes standard with every Takacat model. We never settle for second best, and always have high quality design and solid materials as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we’re proud of it.

Top View Side View Bottom View
Takacat Assembled Image 1 2 3 4 5
Takacat Side View Image 1 2 3 4 5
Takacat Bottom View Image 1 2 3 4

Any water that gets into the boat goes straight out of the back thanks to the open transom and raised floor. The deck stays dry.


The open bow design makes it easy and safe to enter and exit the Takacat. Whether you’ve opted for the inflatable high-pressure air floor, or the optional hybrid fiberglass rigid floor, both provide an ultra-stable platform to on/off board from water or land.


Inner and outer grab lines mean there’s a safe handhold no matter where you are seated on the boat.


Catamaran design makes for efficient and easy rowing while also tracking well, even in a crosswind. (420LX does not include oars, it includes paddles)


Takacat inflates and deflates quickly and easily due to the Halkey-Roberts fill valve. Over-pressurization from hot sun is prevented by the pressure release valves.


The tapered bow is aerodynamic so the boat glides over rough, choppy water and has reduced windage compared to boats with a flared bow.


Oarlocks are fixed and have Velcro straps so you’re never left paddle-less.


Each hull is constructed with only a single seam, which is glued using a chemical bond. It’s also built with a quadruple overlap of materials so it maintains airtightness, even after it’s been folded over and over.


The Tube Transom® provides attachment points to quickly add fishing rod holder and beach launching wheel accessories.


Lifting handle attached to the stern makes portage easy, even with a light outboard.


The underside of the tubes are reinforced with heavy-duty rubber to resist abrasion from beaching and transport.


Extra large tube diameter adds to the carrying capacity and ride comfort.


The shallow draft of the boat allows you to explore shallow water and get up higher on the beach or ramp before grounding the boat hull.


The catamaran hull performs with less wetted surface area than a flat bottom boat, creating less drag so the boat is faster with less horsepower.

Explore the LX Series Lineup

Explore features and specs for the Takacat LX Series of boats and discover the one that’s right for your next adventure.

Specs Image Specs Image Specs Image Specs Image Specs Image Specs Image


Specs Thumb

As the most ultra-compact LX Series boat model, the Takacat 260LX is the go-anywhere champ. Solo boaters or couples will love the portability and light weight that makes it easy to grab and go. It inflates in minutes to get you out on the water in no time.



Specs Thumb

The popular Takacat 300LX model is the flagship boat of the series for a reason. Even as one of the smaller boats in the series, it is packed full of all of the innovative details that make the brand stand out. It has been proven by thousands to be a fun and reliable boat.



Specs Thumb

The Takacat 340LX is the perfect midsize blend of Takacat innovation and rugged performance. It has enough room for the family, but is just as ideal for a few buddies, a cooler and some gear. It’s the perfect utility player for whatever the day brings.



Specs Thumb

The Takacat 380LX is the perfect size to get the whole crew out on the water. Roomy and uber-stable, the deck has plenty of space and, even at the larger size, the ride is smooth. It’s just right for a day of swimming, a diving excursion, or a hunting or fishing trip with friends.



Specs Thumb

The Takacat 420LX is a workhorse. It combines all the characteristic Takacat features with an extra wide platform. This boat holds up to 7 people on the water and can still pack away to fit in your closet or trunk.



Specs Thumb

The 460 LX has an extra wide platform with a 8 person capacity making it the biggest boat in our fleet. Even though it is our largest inflatable, it is still compact allowing the packdown into 2 storage bags which can easily fit into your car.


Boat Specification Comparison

T260 LX
T300 LX
T340 LX
T380 LX
T420 LX
Overall Length
8’ 6”
9’ 10”
11’ 2”
12’ 6”
13’ 9”
5’ 1”
5’ 1”
5’ 5”
5’ 5”
6’ 1”
Tube Diameter
Boat Weight
55 lbs
64 lbs
68 lbs
89 lbs
111 lbs
Rec. Outboard Engine
2.5 - 6 HP
2.5 - 8 HP
2.5 - 10 HP
6 - 15 HP
15 HP
Max HP
8 HP
10 HP
15 HP
20 HP
25 HP
3 people / 793 lbs
4 people / 809 lbs
5 people / 1135 lbs
6 people / 1410 lbs
7 people / 1576 lbs

Boat Specification Comparison

Overall Length
T260 LX 8’ 6”
T300 LX 9’ 10”
T340 LX 11’ 2”
T380 LX 12’ 6”
T420 LX 13’ 9”
T260 LX 5’ 1”
T300 LX 5’ 1”
T340 LX 5’ 5”
T380 LX 5’ 5”
T420 LX 6’ 1”
Tube Diameter
T260 LX 19"
T300 LX 19"
T340 LX 19"
T380 LX 19"
T420 LX 22"
Boat Weight
T260 LX 55 lbs
T300 LX 64 lbs
T340 LX 68 lbs
T380 LX 89 lbs
T420 LX 111 lbs
Rec. Outboard Engine
T260 LX 2.5 - 6 HP
T300 LX 2.5 - 8 HP
T340 LX 2.5 - 10 HP
T380 LX 6 - 15 HP
T420 LX 15 HP
Max HP
T260 LX 8 HP
T300 LX 10 HP
T340 LX 15 HP
T380 LX 20 HP
T420 LX 25 HP
T260 LX 3 people / 793 lbs
T300 LX 4 people / 809 lbs
T340 LX 5 people / 1135 lbs
T380 LX 6 people / 1410 lbs
T420 LX 7 people / 1576 lbs

Takacat LX Series Resources

Use the resources below to find technical details and get you questions answered.

What’s Included
Warranty & Registration
Brochures & Manuals
Assembly Information
Boat Reviews
Boat FAQs

Every Takacat LX Series Boats Includes:

  • 1 Set of Tubes
  • 1 Repair Kit (no glue)
  • 1 Tube Transom® Assembly
  • 2 Oars
  • 1 Inflatable Seat
  • 2 Carry Bags
  • 1 Manual Pump & Gauge
Boat Includes Image

Warranty Information

Your boat includes:
3-Year Warranty against defects in the material or workmanship that affect usability.

Warranty Registration

Please complete the Warranty Registration form to register your Takacat’s warranty within 30 days of purchase. Please reference your owner’s manual for full warranty details. To register your boat, or to make a warranty claim, please Click Here.

Warranty Image

To view the Takacat Brochure  Click Here

To view Assembly Videos  Click Here

“The Takacat dinghy has performed exceptionally well, and I look forward to using it again this upcoming season. One of many good things about it, is the low drag, so we loose virtually no speed towing it (as opposed to a standard dinghy).”
Andreas B. Heide, Professional Sailor & Explorer

“We have been using the Takacat at Lake Pupuke, MadLoop WindSurf School for about a year now. We have been open for 25 years and used all types of inflatable dinghy. The Takacat is the best inflatable dinghy I have ever used by far. So stable, so light, so practical. This boat is a complete winner in every way. I fully recommend anyone ,and every one to buy a Takacat.”
Alan McIntosh. Owner/Manager, MadLoop WindSurf School

Q. Why should I pick a Takacat over a conventional inflatable?

A. Most inflatables in the U.S. market are boring. They all look and perform the same. Instead of copying everyone else’s design, we decided to innovate. The Takacat catamaran hull design is fast, stable, safe, and comfortable. The fast draining removable Tube Transom® is simple and portable, which makes Takacat one of the most versatile inflatable boats in the market.

Q. Are Takacats easy to set up?

A. The Takacat line of boats are designed for quick and easy assembly. No need to mess around with heavy and complicated floorboard systems, our high pressure air deck floor fits perfectly in place while it inflates. Inflation with the supplied manual pump takes about 15 minutes, depending on the size of the boat and your urgency. Inflation with an electric pump takes about 8-10 minutes

Q: Are Takacats easy to deflate and pack away?

A. Our innovative, Tube Transom® enables the Takacat hulls to be rolled-up like a swiss cake roll which makes it easier to store & transport than traditional inflatable boats. The big advantage comes by way of weight savings which makes carrying the boat easier, but also makes the boat nimbler on the water and faster with smaller HP outboards.

Q. What is the best way to transport my Takacat?

A. The Takacat LX and Sport Series offer true portability. They can be fully deflated and will fit into most cars and SUVs. They can be transported either inflated or deflated on roof racks. They can be stored easily on boat decks because of their size and weight, they sit flat on deck without the need for a cradle. The LX and Sport models take up very little space when packed in their bags for storage. Takacat LX and Sport models offer an unparalleled experience from storage, transport to on the water, there is no better!

Q. What outboard should I buy for my Takacat?

A. Takacat boats utilize a catamaran hull design, this means that the boats have far less wetted surface and are much more efficient on the water than flat-bottom or V-hull boats. You can use less horsepower than other boats to achieve the same speeds.

Electric outboards are more efficient when used on a Takacat and are a great option.

The most common gas outboard is the 6hp. It is lightweight and portable which completes the package for the Takacat. The longer the boat you choose, the faster it will be and it will be able to plane with more weight. For example, a 420LX with a 6hp will plane with 440 lbs on board.

Stay tuned for our detailed performance data to be released in early 2021.

Q. Do I need to cup my propeller or buy an aftermarket cavitation plate?

A: We recommend cavitation plates for outboards greater than 6hp and less than 20 horsepower. Our dealers carry a wide variety of brands, we have tested and confirm the efficacy of the Permatrim and the Davis Dole-Fin.

We recommend having your propeller cupped if you experience any cavitation or ventilation. Cupping the prop will give the propeller more grip in the water and increase performance.

We recommend PowerTech stainless steel propellers for the best possible performance of your Takacat, although not necessary in most cases.

Q. How do I attach my Takacat to my davits?

A: You can use stainless shackles to attach to the lower transom bar through the holes in the top of the wheel brackets. The bow attachment point can be easily attached by running a lifting line around the floor (before inflation) but between the two under-floor D-rings.

Q. How to tow my Takacat?

A: We recommend towing your Takacat by making a 3 point bridle to the two bow safety line D-rings and the under-floor D-rings.

Q: Where are the Takacat boats designed and manufactured?

A: The Takacat LX, Sport and Explorer models are all designed by Greg Sowden in Aukland New Zealand. The boats are manufactured in Qindao, China by the same boatbuilder since 2007.

Q: Why would I want glued seams instead of welded?

A: Welded seams are great for RIBs as they are cheap and easy to do. They are also easy to replicate on repetitive seams. RIBs are also inflated about 90% of the time.

Takacat boats are typically folded and unfolded hundreds of times in their lifetime. Welded seams will become brittle and start to leak. Welded seams are also not 100% repairable, they can only be patched over.

Glued seams are more flexible over time and can have higher holding power in complex shapes. Our house blend glue is specifically engineered to maintain its flexibility over many years and after extend exposure to UV.

Q: Does the Takacat have any design or build certifications?

A: Yes, All Takacat model boats are CE tested and are CE marked to the latest CE standards 2013/53/EU.

All Takacat boats are also manufactured to International Standards ISO 4892-3:2006.

Q: How do I retube my Takacat?

A: Takacat LX, LX Hybrid and Sport models can be easily retubed by simply constructing your boat with a new set of tubes ordered from your local Takacat dealer!

Q: Should I buy a PVC or Hypalon Takacat?

A: The vast majority of Takacat boats are of the PVC variety. Because most Takacats live not-in-use lives in their bags, there is not real advantage of the Hypalon. 

Hypalon comes in handy when you will be in tropics levels of UV and in a year-round type of usage. We mean 100% in the water all the time. 

You can still circumvent the need for pricey Hypalon by electing to buy chaps. That will protect the boat skin from UV and even provide a bit more abrasion resistance.

Q: Can I buy an extended warranty?

A: Technical Specs (size, weight, carry capacity etc.), there are several differences between the Takacat models:

  •  T340LX, T380LX, T420LX and 460LX models include a removable fin that attaches to the air deck floor. This allows the air deck floor to be used as an Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (ISUP) Note: this is for leisure and not a high performance paddleboard.
  • T380LX, T420LX and 460LX models have two air chambers per tube. All other models have a single air chamber per tube.
  • The tube diameter of the T420LX is 22”. All other models have 19” tube diameters.
  • The T420LX does not come with oar locks and oars. We provide two paddles, which makes the larger boat easier to maneuver. Additionally, the oars are not in the way of the tubes providing more comfortable seating.

Q: My Takacat needs repairs or replacement parts, what do I do?

A: You should first reach out to your local dealer. Many of our Takacat dealers are also boat repair facilities and would be happy to repair your boat. 

If you do not have a local dealer or are located outside of North America, please Contact Us for replacement parts inquiries.

Q: Can I leave my Takacat inflated for long periods of time?

A: Yes you can! We would recommend equipping your Takacat with chaps for UV protection (and to keep the bird poop off) and you may also need to apply Inflatable Bottom Paint (yes, that is a real thing) to contend with any growth in your waters.